Baccalaureate Consult says…..Activate your study abroad intention with actions through your excellent O Level results and with the Band of 8.5 in your IELTS Results

One of the university we partner with in abroad has offered Miss. Promise our Clients/Student a scholarship worth over 2.5M Naira with Free Accommodation to study Pre-Medicine….what a good news for all O Level Candidates

WHY..? This was simply because she had an Excellent O’ Level results decorated with a lot of A1 and Scoring Band of 8.5 in her IELTS results, all at a single sitting.

Miss. Promise, our Clients/Student performance was like a trumpet alarm that attracted the attention of One of the University Abroad which happens to be in Partnership with us quickly offers her scholarship.

if you are such a brilliant Student with a Jet Brain or Computer Brain like Miss. Promise, you have 100% opportunity to get such a scholarship now through Baccalaureate Consult and Lit3racy Education Consult.

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