Book an Appointment with one of our Dream Makers where you co-design your once-in-a-lifetime experience studying
Confirm your top universities and destinations.
Complete your application profile and submit your application.
Receive an offer to study.
Complete your visa application with help from our visa specialists.
Receive support for accommodation and travel.
Join pre-departure orientation workshops and network with other Baccalaureate consult students.
Get packing! You are about to have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


University expertise

We have decades of experience leading international teams at top universities in the world. This experience has informed our overseas education consultant model, which aims to find the best possible study solution for you.

Co-design model

We empower you to design your study abroad journey, providing the support you need to have the most rewarding experience of your life.

VIP support

We treat students like people, not numbers. Our Dream Makers support you through the entire enrolment process, including help with visas, travel, and accommodation.


We provide case-by-case advice on exclusive study abroad scholarships and financial aid options, so you can make the study overseas dream a reality.

Visa assistance

We have in-house visa experts who provide the most up-to-date advice on visa options and applications, increasing your chances of visa success.

Face-to-face & online

We are real people, not an algorithm. You can meet our Dream Makers in person or online.

International scholarships

A study abroad scholarship typically covers tuition fees and accommodation expenses. It eases the financial burden of undertaking a study abroad program, helping many students to realise their overseas education dreams. Our Dream Makers can guide you on your options.

Become a BACCALAUREATE CONSULT student member

When you accept an offer to study at an international university, you will join an exclusive group of Baccalaureate consult students and gain access to:

  • Private social platforms for socialising and networking
  • Special offers you can take advantage of before and while studying abroad
  • Personal development opportunities to help you prepare for living overseas

Share documents and track applications easily

Share and sync your university application documents with us via a secure cloud platform, so you can apply to multiple universities easily. A dashboard helps you track the progress of your applications, see updates and know when to expect an outcome.